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We build electric vehicle charging stations that energize your business.


The energy transformation is happening in front of our eyes

Charging stations are an essential element of a decentralized power distribution network. The question is no longer whether charging stations will become part of your infrastructure but when.
Be a forerunner of this transformation. Become our Partner and implement innovative solutions that support sustainable development and positively impact your energy situation in the future.

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Eway – your business partner

Contactless payment

Provide your customers with universal access to the charging service and the convenience of contactless payment. There is no need for intermediaries or mobile apps. We also take care of payment administration and billing.


Our joint business does not end when the chargers are delivered. We are your partner – we take over the technical maintenance of the stations and provide administrative support.

Promotional support

EV chargers will distinguish you from the competition, and our Eway Charging Station Map will help customers find their way to you. We create an Eway community where we promote each other.

Cheaper electricity

Thanks to the scale of our operations, you can benefit from competitive electricity rates. In the future, as part of services in the Eway network, the charging stations will generate revenue even when they are not charging. That’s not all! You’ll have the possibility to extend contracts to other facilities you own.

Business stability

Our charging stations support your core business. They ensure additional revenue and thus contribute to your company’s financial security in the future.

Advertising benefits

The Eway charging station is equipped with a screen that can display ads for your business or third-party advertisers and generate additional revenue.

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50/50 model

Become a member of the Eway community

We are building a network of electric vehicle charging stations with our Partners – companies like yours. We offer a joint long-term business with return on investment unparalleled in this sector. We pursue the idea of sharing. It’s a value that sets the direction for the Eway community.

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Where should Eway charging stations be located?

Eway EV chargers should be installed wherever drivers leave their cars for at least 30 minutes.

  • Hotels, guesthouses, restaurants

  • Logistics centers

  • Industrial facilities

  • Residential buildings and housing developments

  • Office complexes

  • Shopping malls

  • Public facilities

  • Parking lots