Charging stations that power your business with positive energy

Plug & Business

A new generation of electric vehicle charging stations to feed your business with additional energy


Explore Eway’s electric vehicle charging stations tailored to user expectations

Eway’s product range includes wallboxes and free-standing charging stations equipped with cables or sockets.

Eway network enables real-time remote control and management of the devices.

We provide support and technical continuity, as well as administrative support.

  • Free-standing chargers
  • Wallbox charger

Charging stations tailored to users’ expectations

Free-standing chargers

Free-standing charging stations are designed for open spaces. They are mounted on a horizontal, paved surface or a prefabricated unit supplied by Eway.

Wallbox chargers

Wallboxes are designed to be installed on a building wall, either indoors and outdoors.

The price lists for the charging service and the parking charge can be found on the screens of the charging stations.

What sets us apart from the rest?
Technical continuity

We provide technical support, technology upgrades, and continuous improvement to ensure that our charging stations are always in line with ever-changing market standards.


The safety of using chargers is our top priority. Therefore, the level of security features used in our charging stations exceeds the technical standards applicable in the EU.


A warranty on a partnership basis. We solve all problems quickly and effectively. Your customers can charge their EV batteries whenever they need to.

Fast delivery

We deliver charging stations within 2-10 weeks from signing the contract. You don’t need to wait for months.

Availability of charging

We are the only producer offering charging stations that do not require a dedicated mobile app, subscriptions, or intermediation of integrators.

Expert support

Our team of outstanding electromobility and energy specialists is always there to support you.


Let’s do business together!

We will start by defining the goals, needs, and existing power capacity.
Next, we will develop a plan for the use of existing resources and determine what is required to meet the goals set for the future.
Based on this, we will prepare a personalized technical concept featuring a possible set of services.
Business model
If you decide to do business with us, we will define the exact terms of revenue and cost-sharing to achieve the maximum benefits from our partnership.
We will work together to develop a plan to launch electric vehicle charging stations.
Plug & Business
We will deliver the charging stations and once installed, inspect and test them on site.
After acceptance by the Bureau of Technical Inspection, we will activate all contracted services and connect the charging stations to the Eway network.
We will handle the administration and maintenance of the charging stations.
As a member of the Eway community, you benefit from our network, promotional support, and consulting.
Let’s talk

Technical support
on a partnership basis

As your partner, we provide more than just technical and administrative services for charging stations.
Your business benefits from our know-how and R&D. We are on top of the latest technologies in power engineering and electromobility.

We monitor the markets, keep track of trends and develop our products to support you in achieving your business goals and meet end-user expectations in the best possible way.