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About us

We are a team full of positive energy

About us

Charge and drive!
No applications required!

We are a manufacturer and operator of the next generation of electric car charging stations.

Eway was founded in 2020 when the paths of energy transformation, e-mobility, engineering and business professionals came together and decided to do something together for the world.

When people with great passion and shared values join forces, great things start to happen. Products and solutions are created that change reality and lead us into a better, sustainable future.


Our vision and mission

The energy transition is of paramount importance for global climate protection.

We want to play an active part in this transition, which is why we are building a network of electric vehicle charging stations - an integral part of this process. We want to offer a collaborative partnership model, enabling a joint, secure and forward-looking business that promotes distributed energy distribution for electric vehicles. 


What is our offer?
It’s simple: quality.

Our range includes free-standing and wall-mounted charging stations with charging cables or sockets. 

We use only high-quality components, manufactured by trusted partners in the USA and EU, and the entire production process takes place in Poland. 

you can count on.

We will support your business not only with Eway equipment, but with all the specialist knowledge continually developed by our R&D team. 

We monitor markets, follow trends and develop products - not to exceed your expectations, but for you to exceed your customers’ expectations.


Why Eway?


Eway charging stations reinforce your company’s image as innovative and socially responsible. In doing so, they increase its competitiveness and attract more new customers - and you enjoy the revenue from energy sales and from displaying content on the panel screen. We also offer subscription sales.


You can use our electric car charging stations with ease, without installing yet another mobile app - you probably have too many of them on your phone anyway. Just charge and go. It couldn’t be any simpler. 


We were the first in Europe to use a SoftPos virtual terminal. This allows the driver to pay contactless with a card, smartphone or smartwatch, and receive an invoice or receipt by email.


With Eway as your partner, you have a peace of mind because we make sure everything runs smoothly. Our solution encompasses the complete process: from the manufacture of the equipment, its installation and commissioning, to technical, financial and accounting support.


Meet the team