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The hotel is a welcoming place where comfort and top standards are priorities. 

Eway charging stations fit into these categories. 

More and more people are choosing electric cars, feeling a sense of responsibility for the climate and wanting to actively participate in the energy transition.



The best hotels are those that
anticipate the wishes of their guests.

By choosing Eway electric car charging stations, you are giving your hotel additional benefits and building a competitive advantage.

When you meet your guests’ expectations, you look after the positive image of your hotel as a business that is: 

  • caring - you give your guests innovative, safe and easy-to-use charging stations
  • socially responsible - you look after the environment and help reduce emissions
  • conscious - you provide slow charging stations of the AC type, better for electric car batteries
  • honest - you meet the legal requirements for electromobility

It is already clear that it is worth investing in electromobility. Find out why to invest with Eway.

The Eway solution is a complete service: from the manufacture and delivery of equipment to management, accounting and finances.


Our electric car charging stations:

  • are easy to use - no applications required
  • are self-service and do not generate additional costs
  • are manufactured in UE, meeting the highest EU safety standards
  • are corrosion-resistant, made of acid-resistant steel
  • allow you to save contracted power and do not require the construction of a separate transformer - the installed software allows you to manage power, which means that contracted power will not be exceeded even if several cars are charged at the same time*
  • issue e-invoices and e-receipts

* The need for infrastructure expansion depends on the technical capacity of the given facility.

Your guests feel well looked after in every respect. 

  • convenient 10” touchscreen display with intuitive interface
  • 5 language versions
  • no unnecessary applications - payment by contactless card, smartphone or smartwatch

Pure advantages for the hotel.

Eway electric car charging stations reach up to 6 parking spaces. They are equipped with charging cables or sockets, and their external appearance can be customised to match the design and style of your hotel.


What about the financial side?

  • your profit is revenue less the cost of energy purchase and Eway operator fee
  • your own pricing policy applies - you establish the charging fees and you have the option of user identification and tariff differentiation (e.g. VIP guests, employees, special events)
  • you can amortise the purchase of the charging station
  • the absence of a traditional payment terminal does not expose you to the costs of regular certification and breakdowns, as Eway charging stations are equipped with a virtual SoftPos payment terminal that settles transactions in a secure virtual server
  • real-time remote system management 24/7


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