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New energy
in business.

If you run a business, you know very well that money goes hand in hand with responsibility. 
Now is the time for global responsibility - and with Eway, this can pay off.

For business

Electromobility has
already begun.

Right now - yes, right now - electric car charging stations are becoming an indispensable part of the global infrastructure: 
wherever drivers park electric cars.

So if your business is real estate, hospitality, car parks, retail facilities or building management,
join the Eway charging station network and make money today. How?

  • on each charge per kWh - you set the price for energy
  • on additional services associated with the charging station, e.g. parking fees or the display of advertising content on the station panel

Our offer is a ready-made business solution:

  • Eway is a complete solution for electromobility - we are both a manufacturer and operator of a network of stations
  • at Eway we are committed to transparency and clearly communicate the total cost of investment
  • all Eway station models come with a complete set of safety features, with no distinction made between worse/cheaper, more expensive/better models


Our sectors. Your benefits


Why does it really
pay to work with us?


24/7 technical support

We know that this is essential. The Eway network allows for continuous remote control and management of equipment in real time. 


Fast delivery

We will deliver your charging stations even within just 2 weeks of signing the contract.


Accessibility for drivers

Drivers use Eway charging stations by paying contactless - without apps, subscriptions or hassle.



The level of safety features used in Eway charging stations meets the highest technical standards in the EU.



We take our collaboration seriously and operate on a partnership basis. Our team of specialists are always ready to provide support and solve any problem quickly and efficiently. 


Efficient installation

Eway will fully coordinate installation works, which can take from one to several days depending on the order. You need to add the time required for technical acceptance of the station by the Office of Technical Inspection on top of that.

Business Partnership

Let's do business together.
How does it work?


STEP 1. Advice

Together, we define your objectives, needs and the potential of the selected locations. We develop a plan for the use of existing resources and define the conditions for implementation. On that basis we build a custom technical concept and set of services.

STEP 2. Decision

We await your decision - and when you decide to work together, we propose the optimum business model for your EV stations and jump into action. We also offer subscription sales.


STEP 3. Plug & business

We deliver, install and test the charging stations. After technical acceptance, we launch the contracted services and connect the stations to the Eway network. We take care of full accounting, financial and technical services.

Yes, there are just three steps to doing good business.

Questions? Just ask.

We’ll talk, we’ll advise.



Eway allows remote control, monitoring and management of the station network from anywhere 24/7.

Charging data, including status information, throughput, energy consumption and other parameters are processed and analysed in real time. This facilitates optimisation of infrastructure performance, identification of problems and rapid response in case of failures or problems.