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You drive an electric
car because...

You are a conscious person.
You care. 
You hope to change the world for the better. 

For home

We feel that too. 

We are actively participating in the energy transition
- just like you. 

Our intention and initiative are simple:
to make it easier for drivers to reduce their carbon footprint by delivering Eway electric car charging stations - which are innovative, safe and easy to use - to their homes.


Of course,
comfort counts too.

A next-generation private charging station is the missing link between your responsible philosophy and your convenience. It is the perfect complement to your home and garage, adding new value to owning an electric car.


For home

The Eway charging station is delivered with everything you need.


Safety and quality

These are the priorities of Eway engineers. We build our stations from components manufactured in the EU with top quality materials and workmanship.


Availability and independence

A private charging station means 100% availability and independence. You use your personal charger any time of the day or night in your own garage.


Warranty and technical support

Our team of specialists are always ready to support you. We resolve any issue quickly and efficiently so that your electric car is always ready for the road.


Controlling energy costs

You power your electric car with energy billed at the tariffs set for your home - without intermediaries and thus at no extra cost.

For home


Eway is your generation of electric vehicle charging stations.

For private investors, wall-mounted charging stations, suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, work best.

Want to have a cable integrated into the station?
Wall-mounted, single-cable AC charging station up to 22 kW

Prefer to use a car cable?
Wall-mounted, single-socket AC charging station up to 22 kW

Charging stations

Discover Eway charging stations
for electric vehicles

Eway's offer includes free-standing and wall-mounted charger models equipped with charging cables or sockets. The Eway network enables remote control and management of devices in real time. We provide support, technical continuity and administrative services for charging stations.

Questions? Just ask.

Call us to talk or write to us to receive a response by email.

with our expert

Oskar Fikus

Manager for Electromobility